Fashion Passion

Self-expression has been on the forefront of my mind as I grapple my identity and my interest in alternative style. My passion with fashion grew recently with the rise of fast fashion, perpetuated by the rapid cycling of trends. With Covid-19 and quarantining leaving me with time to explore various interests, I find myself putting my foot in to fashion-making. I started crocheting and later learning to sew in order to make my own pieces or to up-cycle clothes that were starting to lose their charm–pushing the longevity of my closet and trying my best to be part of a slower fashion process.

Re-fashioned Fashion Show at UIUC

During my time in the University of Illinois, I had the amazing opportunity to put 5 up-cycled pieces that I had been working on in a semester-long fashion course into a show. I worked with 4 amazing models while modeling my own piece as well. The show took place in the Siebel Center for Design in the Spring of 2022. Each piece was made from found material (rubber and rope in the second photo), thrifted clothing, and fabrics provided and recycled by my professor. This course was my introduction to a sewing machine, and the looks I’ve made were part of my first attempts.