BFA Exhibition

Warna Kulitku – The Color of My skin, is an art piece I created as a ‘final’ piece to wrap up my learning at the University of Illinois. This piece was set up on the wall of the exhibition space shared with graduating peers. I crocheted a QR code leading to a page that briefly details my experience with colorism in Malaysia. (The page is still available on my page, under Warna Kulitku.)

Combining the physical and the digital, I wanted something that could be interacted with in multiple ways–whether it be by scanning the code or by touching the piece itself. The audio of the video projected on top of this piece was also intended to amplify the experience of walking through the exhibition, as it could be heard resonating throughout the space.

The process of this work included drawing and animating on Procreate, editing the video on Final Cut Pro, and crocheting the QR code using double crochets, slip stitches, and constantly changing yarn in between. The piece was mounted on a board using sewing pains I had lying around.